Friday, March 20, 2009

"You know what buddy, You and Me, were not so different."

this one is here just for fun. This was an assignment for a 2nd year painting class at emily carr. the project prompt was 'you and me'. I came across two good shots from some commuter dailies of both these fellows. Saddam Hussien hadn't been executed yet and had one of the most recognizable faces in the world at the time. The Bush photo is mainly to compliment the other and fulfill the necessities of the assignment. I drew some humorous responses from some of the people in the class because the two dont look antagonistic toward each other, in fact they could be having a beer together as if they were buds. I was having an art school moment when your sense of humor alludes you because you got the opposite effect of what you had intended (I still have to learn not to be so serious about the reactions i get to my pictures, but i have upgraded from childish kicking and screaming). Of the hundreds of days i spent at emily carr, its funny the ones that I remember. Its interesting that the most educational or memorable aspects about art school have nothing to do with curriculum at all.     

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  1. very nice! i like your art, but i wanna see more macaroni, gold spraypaint and construction paper, please!